Roland Garros / French Open

Paris, France

May 24 - June 7 2015

Just because you don’t speak French doesn’t mean you can’t attend Roland Garros, home of the French Open Grand Slam Tennis Tournament.  Played just outside the main circle of Paris, the French Open is the only of the four majors to be played on red clay.  The slow surface makes for longer points, more dramatic matches and many upsets.  On the whole, the tennis at Roland Garros is probably the most fun of all the majors to watch live.

In addition to great tennis, traveling to the French Open offers another main attraction…Paris.  Out of the four Grand Slam host cities, Paris offers the most in terms of cultural experiences.  From browsing works of art like the Mona Lisa, to shopping on the Champs Elysses, and all the Café’s and Brasserie’s in between, there is plenty to do in addition to viewing the best tennis players in the world grind it out.

Stadium View at Roland Garros
Girls Signing Giant Tennis Balls at the French Open

Given the language barrier, it’s best to have your entire trip planned out before venturing over to Paris.  That is where Roland Garros/French Open Travel Info comes in.  We have all the information you will need on the French Open Tennis Tournament in order to make your trip to Roland Garros and Paris a successful one.   Interested in the most luxurious hotels? Or maybe you prefer accessibility to the tennis over luxury? We have answers to both those questions.

In addition, use Roland Garros/French Open Travel Info as a resource for best ticketing options, transportation information, sightseeing ideas, and anything else you might need to help ensure a memorable trip.  And remember this simple tip – the best way to open a conversation with a Parisian is, “Bonjour, parle vous anglais?

Williams Returns a Shot at the French Open
The Sacré-Cœur Basilica
Two Players Take a Break from the Action During the French Open